About the hotel

Welcome to Hotel Svoboda.

This place has served as a hotel for almost 150 years. During that time satisfied guests have visited the hotel and it has also had a few different owners. The music of a famous Czech composer, Antonin Dvorak, the author of The New World Symphony, could be heard here during his visits and concerts. The first cups of original Turkish coffee were served right here in the hotel and the children could meet one of the first bell boys of an exotic origin who worked for the hotel at that time.

Our hotel has been changing with time but the atmosphere has always remained welcoming and calm. We will do our best to assure that you have a pleasant stay in our hotel.

Sincerly yours,
The hotel employees.

Location of the hotel

The royal city of Rakovnik is situated in the very heart of the Krivoklat forest, about 60 km from the Czech capital city Prague. The town has become a popular tourist spot due to its rich history and the fact that it is very close to the beautiful forests of Krivoklat. Our hotel is located in the historical center of town, right on the pedastrien zone near the Rakovnik's main town square. The entrance of the hotel is an atrium partially covered by arches. There is an entrance portal on the left side of the archway, through which you enter the hotel reception which is located in a two story hall with antique columns.

Sylish breakfast room

Buffet breakfast

On the breakfast buffet table you can find healthy products but you can also order a continental breakfast. There are variety of choices such as hot toast filled with ham and cheese, ham and eggs, scrambled eggs or hot sausage.

Bio products and special diets

On request we can prepare a special breakfast made out of BIO products from our BIO store and canteen located on the bottom floor of the hotel.

  • DIA
  • Celiatic
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


If you are interested in our special menu you can request a menu with specifics while making a reservation. There will be an extra charge of 100 Czk added to your bill.

There is not a restaurant located in our hotel but we can book lunch and dinner for you with our partner restaurant, a traditional restaurant-brewery Krusovice. It is only about 2 minutes walking distance from the hotel reception.

Meeting room

Our breakfast room is also an ideal place for various meetings and courses. The room can seat up to 30 people and we can provide technical support for various events.