Hotel services

  • Parking
    There is monitored parking in the hotel yard and in front of the hotel.
  • Reception
    Receptionist is available 24 hours a day.
  • Wifi
    There is free WIFI available in the hotel.
  • Transport from the airport.
    We can arrange from the airport for a discount price.

Wellness services

Hotel Svoboda offers a wide variety of wellness services. Choose from our menu.

  • Solární studio


    We use the reputable brand name Ergoline for our solar beds. You can choose to use one of our four machines, each of different strength. One of our solar machines is a vertical style solar bed, a so-called solar shower. More information

  • Kosmetické ošetření pleti

    Cosmetic treatment

    We offer a wide variety of cosmetic services, starting from the basic treatment to the special collagen treatment where electro-cosmetics, high frequency and ionization are being used. We sell and apply cosmetics IVEN.. More information

  • Massages and infra-sauna

    Massages and infra-sauna

    Massages - sport, honey, chocolate, application of lava stones, coffee peeling, cupping therapy and infra-sauna. More information

  • Lymphatic drainage

    Lymphatic drainage

    Lymphatic drainage reduces cellulite and treats lymphedema.

    More information

  • Mud wraps

    Mud wraps

    The therapy reliefs headaches, backaches and joint pains. It provides deep warm up of the muscles and their relaxation. More information

  • Other services...

    Other services

    We can provide other services on request. More information