We use well-regarded brand name of solar beds Ergoline. You can choose to use one of our 4 machines of various strengths. One of our machines is a vertical style solar bed, so called solar shower.

Information about sunbathing in solarium

The sun rays are not always abundant in our part of the world but we can still have a bronze colored skin all year round.

Sunbathing has its fans as well as opponents. One side claims that the rays in solarium are less harmful then the sun rays and that we should not be afraid if we use the solarium not too often. Others, mostly doctors are not so optimistic.

The rays in solarium use the same UV rays as the sun rays therefore they have the same effect on our skin with all of its positives and negatives. While we suntan the skin's blood flow increases which helps to cure acne, the body starts producing vitamin D3 and our immune system gets activated. One of the facts to be considered is that vitamin D3 helps to suppress bad mood and depression which affects a lot of people during the winter months.

To suppress the risks of sun-bathing the client of the solar studio should follow the same rules as are known for sunbathing on the sun. If you want to reach a healthy looking suntan you should plan your visits to the solarium carefully and depending on your photo-type.

Positive influence of UV rays

  • Treatment of osteoporoses - increased brittleness of the bones due to the loss of calcium. Hormones and vitamin D which are activated by UV-B radiation are necessary for absorption of calcium by the bones, hair and teeth.
  • Treatment of psoriasis - by a controlled use of solarium the condition of the skin may improve.
  • Treatment of acne - sunbathing has a positive effect for skin affected by acne but be careful to combine sunbathing with acne medication, antibiotics, Retin-A etc. It is safer first to consult the use of solarium with your doctor.
  • Treatment of depression, insomnia and mood change - it has been proven that the light spectrum similar to the sun positively affects the human psychic. Visits to the solarium have very positive effects especially during the fall and winter month when there is not enough of natural sunrays. It has been proven that the high number of suicides reported in the northern countries is related to the small amount of sunrays during the winter time. In Northern Europe the phototherapy has been an important part of the complex medical treatment.
  • Preparation of the skin for the summer season - prevention of sunburn and skin cancer
  • The aesthetic effect should also be considered

10 rules for sunbathing in solarium

  • If you have skin problems you need to first consult sunbathing with your doctor.
  • Do not use solarium if you find signs of allergic reaction to UV rays.
  • Use appropriate eye protection, especially people who have had an eye operation.
  • Remove your make-up a few hours before sunbathing if you can. Do not forget to take off your jewelry.
  • Do not use solarium if you are younger then 15 years.
  • One of the side effects of some medications is higher sensitivity to UV rays. Therefore if you are using any medication read carefully the instructions in the package or you need to consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Never sunbathe in solarium more then once a day. It is not recommended to use solarium and sunbathe on the sun right away. The maximum use of solarium is 50 times a year.
  • Solarium is not recommended for a photo-type number 1.
  • If your skin has been burned or blisters have appeared you need to visit the doctor immediately.
  • Find a solar studio where you can consult the staff and where they follow the maximum sunbathing times which are appropriate for you skin photo-type and for the sunbathing machine.

Types of skin

Type I - Celtic (2%)

  • Skin color: very pale, freckled
  • Hair: blond and red
  • Eyes: blue
  • Sensitivity to burning: it burns very quickly and brown color never appears

For people with this type of skin sunbathing is usually a problem. Sunbathing in solarium is typically for people who are older then 15 and have a photo-type 2 and higher. Even people with photo-type 1 can partly enhance their skin protection against sunburn. They need to use only especially gentle solar machines (100 watt technologies) and minimal dosage. These people will never have the skin color as other photo-types and they strictly have to suntan only for short time.

Type II - European with light skin (12%)

  • Skin color: light, sometimes freckled
  • Hair: blond or light brown
  • Eyes: blue, green, grey
  • Sensitivity to-burning: quickly sunburns, light brown coloring, skin peels

People with this photo-type have sensitive skin but if they are responsible with using the solarium they can achieve the desired bronze effect. The first tanning session should not be longer then 10 minutes and low power machines should be used. Then there should be a 48 hour break period then the person can have a few 10 minute long sessions and then the sessions could be lengthened according to individual reactions. Turbo solarium is supposed to be used only occasionally to darken the shade of the skin. It is recommended to take a few days break (visits 2 – 3 times a week). It is also recommended to use special solarium tanning cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Type III – European with dark skin (78%)

  • Skin color: light brown
  • Hair: brown, dark brown
  • Eyes: grey to brown
  • Sensitivity to burning: gets burned very seldom and gets suntan easily and quickly and progressively achieves brown color.

People of this skin type do not have any problems with sunbathing. If they do not extend the sunbathing time their skin achieves brown color immediately. The first session should be even at this type of a person minimal more so that slower tan is more permanent. Two days later (the days necessary for rejuvenation of the skin) they can repeat the same length of the first session. 2 – 3 visits a week are recommended. The first few sessions should be on the low power machines (or stronger machines but shorter sessions) and when the skin gets darker it is possible to use turbo solarium. People with this type of skin can use cosmetics to enhance maximum bronze skin color.

Type IV – North-African (7%)

  • Skin color: dark brown with no freckles
  • Hair: dark brown or black
  • Eyes: dark
  • Sensitivity to burning: almost never gets sunburned and achieves tan very quickly and easily.

People of this type of skin immediately get a brown suntan. The first session can be 15 minutes long on a low power machine (100W) or shorter session on turbo solarium machine. Then there is recommended 48 hour break for the skin rejuvenation and then it is possible to continue with regular visits 2- 3 times a week. The sessions can get longer quickly or the stronger machines can be used. People of this skin can use all the different kind of suntan cosmetics.

Without a pre-paid permit

  • Ergoline 300 13 CZK/min

  • Ergoline 600 15 CZK/min

  • MIAMI vertical 17 CZK/min

  •  Ergoline 88019 CZK/min

Pre-paid permit 500

  • Ergoline 300 12 CZK/min

  • Ergoline 600 14 CZK/min

  •  MIAMI vertical16 CZK/min

  • Ergoline 880 18 CZK/min

Pre-paid permit 1000

  • Ergoline 300 11 CZK/min

  • Ergoline 600 13 CZK/min

  •  MIAMI vertical15 CZK/min

  • Ergoline 880 17 CZK/min